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The precision control of Fuji Electric inverters allows AC drives to operate at an optimal speed throughout your application, reducing overall power and energy consumption to minimize operating costs.  Applications for these AC / VFD drive, and v/ Hz vector drive inverters include, conveyor systems, pumps, fans, and HVAC. Quality is our drive; World Class AC Drives.
Legacy Product Manuals
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drives are listed by series.

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The FRENIC-MEGA series provides the industry’s highest performance for three-phase applications from 1/2 HP to 1,000 HP.
The FRENIC-Multi series provides high performance and simple operation in single-phase and three-phase applications, ranging from 1/8 HP up to 20 HP.
The next generation FRENIC-Mini (C2) compact inverters offer customers additional features and improved functionality while maintaining the same size and footprint as the FRENIC-Mini (C1) Drives.
As the leader in general-purpose inverters, the FRENIC-Mini (C1) series provides world-class performance in single-phase and three-phase applications, ranging from 1/8 HP up to 5 HP.
Fuji Electric’s new low voltage FRENIC-HVAC series are slim-type inverters designed for energy savings and optimal control of fan and pump applications.
The FRENIC-EcoPAK is a package AC drive solution design for torque fan and pump applications.
The FRENIC-Eco series is a high performance three-phase drive, optimized for HVAC applications from 1 HP to 900 HP.
The FRENIC-EcoPUMP packaged AC Drives are your Pre-Engineered Solution for Pump Drives.  Designed for outdoor pumping applications and offer specific pump application features.
Fuji Electric's Legacy Products contain manuals of previous versions of our drives and are listed by series. 
The FRENIC-5000 G11S/P11S series provides the ideal combination of power and multiple functions. The dynamic torque-vector control provides ideal motor control under any operating conditions.