Fuji Electric provides powerful components for a variety of energy, industrial, and technology applications.  Leveraging over 90 years of experience and innovation our high performance components are the foundation for some of the most popular and critical systems used across the world.

Disk Media
Fuji Electric provides 3.5-inch high recording density 500-GB per platter aluminum disks, 2.5-inch high recording density 250-GB per platter glass disks, and aluminum substrates.

Distribution & Control
Fuji Electric provides high performance contactors, relays, circuit breakers, and motor starters.

Fuji Electric delivers high performance inverters in a wide range sizes to fit your AC drive / variable frequency drive (VFD) applications.

Fuji Electric’s MONITOUCH Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels provide exceptional features, including connectivity to popular PLCs including over 20 Ethernet drivers and 8 field bus op

Fuji Electric provides integration instrumentation solutions including analyzers, transmitters, meters, controllers, and recorders.

Fuji Electric offers a wide array of photoconductor drums to enable superior quality printing.

Power Supply
Fuji Electric offers customized solutions for high-end servers, large storage systems, data centers, telecom and industrial applications.

RC Blowers & Pumps
Fuji Electric offers a wide range of Regenerative Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, Turbo Style Blowers, Coolant Pumps, Air Knife Systems and Vacuum systems.

Fuji Electric delivers high-performance power semiconductors for energy, automotive, information technology, and industrial applications.