Fuji Electric provides comprehensive energy, industrial, transportation, and social systems. By combining our expertise in power semiconductors, circuit design, and control technology, these systems provide greater performance and real-world reliability.

Industrial Systems
Fuji Electric provides a complete offering of equipment for industrial applications, including rectifiers, electric heating and furnaces, gas switchgear and  large capacity transformers.

Power Generation
Fuji Electric offers a wide range of steam turbines, from 30 MW to 1000 MW, and supports various applications including renewable energy and traditional fossil fuel sources.

Fuji Electric provides sophisticated radiation monitoring instruments and systems that contribute to employee safety and security.


Transit Systems
Fuji Electric offers industry-leading electric systems for high-speed, intercity, regional, metro, and light rails.

Fuji Electric provides complete solutions for the protection of valuable data in critical applications, including our reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supplies.