EV Charger

Our UL-Certified DC Quick Chargers for Electric Vehicles are now produced in the US.  Our 4th generation charger features a slimmer design than previous versions, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial applications.  The sleek DC Quick Charger is built to the CHAdeMO specification and allows EV owners to charge their electric vehicles in under an hour. 

The 25-kW Fuji Electric DC quick charging station in San Juan Capistrano, California was the first publicly available CHAdeMO station on the ChargePoint Network. After almost 10 months of use this charger reached the 1000th charging session, making it one of busiest on the West Coast.  Read the full story to learn more.

We Have Simple and Convenient EV Financing Available 
Our EV Financing Program features payments as low as $463.00 per month for qualifiied buyers.
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Fuji Electric’s newly designed DC Quick Chargers for Electric Vehicles offers the ability to charge a 25 kWh electric vehicle battery in less than 60 minutes.